Guest Edition allows you to play online with other Invisigun Heroes players (Guest Edition and/or Full Version).

Guest Edition Features


The following limitations apply to Guest Edition:

  • Select from 3 of the 8 heroes (Aether, Iris, Selene)
  • Play 5 of the 60 maps
  • Join Online Public and Private Games
  • Play offline with 1 other person or easy bot

Guest Edition Steam Guide

Feature Comparison

Guest Edition Full Version
Maps 5 (random only) *1 60+
Heroes 3 9
Modes 1 (Survival) *2 7
Bots 1 (Easy) 1- 3 (Easy/Medium/Hard)
Challenge Mode No Yes
Game Stats/Achievements No Yes
Streamer Mode Yes Yes
Online Matches - Host Public Only Public / Private / LAN
Online Matches - Join Public / Private Public / Private / LAN

*1 - All maps are available if a Full Version person is part of the match (host or client).

*2 - Guest Edition can join any mode hosted by a Full Version game.


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