Meteor Storm


This map features narrow alleys that are excellent to shoot down.  They provide choke points that players are likely to be in.  From a strategy point of view you should take care when entering a lane if you don't know where your opponents are and don't linger.

There are lots of nooks which are your 'thinking/calm points'.  You can step into them and review your strategy.  There are lots of gaps around the rock ring in Meteor Storm which are excellent for this. An opponent might fire a prospecting shot down a lane, not realising you are standing in a nook two squares away and can quickly take advantage of them revealing themselves.

There are plenty of options for strategy, every round you can go somewhere different and attempt to catch your opponent of guard.

The Meteor storm (like the Blizzard in some Glaciarii maps) keeps the match dynamic and moving.  It's less likely that players will end up standing still as the storm forces them to move.