Trigger walls feature often in Aranae and can suddenly affect your strategy, significantly changing the layout of the map.

Common Objects

  • Sand Pits
  • Falling Sand / Sand Piles
  • Trigger Walls
  • Rugs
  • Temple Windows
  • Barrels and Chests
  • Crates

Some of the above objects are Dynamic Objects - click to read more about them.

Environmental Effects

  • Footsteps can be seen in sand that slowly fade over time
  • Piles of sand are crushed if walked over and will slow bullets when fired through
  • Footsteps sound softer on rugs

General Strategy

Listen carefully for your own soft footsteps on rugs to accurately judge where you are.

Take care near windows, the shafts of light will give your position away as you block them (this also applies to maps on other planets that have windows in walls.

Make use of buttons and moving walls. It's better to plan moving the walls and base your strategy on it rather than being the one surprised by it.

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