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• 4/7/2018

Favourite / Strongest Heroes

List the heroes in order of who you think is strongest
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• 4/7/2018
For local play I would say:
Selene - Can dodge shots easily and traverse level quickly
Carmen - Can play super safe
Ronin - Good close and far - can absorb shots
Iris - Hard to defend against a dash because it's so fast
Phoebe - Dodge shots and step flanking kills
Aether - Powerful stun kills
Proteus - Can block shots, reveal players and slow them.
Epi - Deception works best 1v1 or Survival, slower to setup
Cronus - Quite map specific
• 4/7/2018
My personal order of character strength (assuming local play):
1.) Iris - Well placed dash shot extremely difficult to play against
2.) Ronin - Good defense that also powers up shots - very deadly close range - punishes opponents shots
3.) Carmen - Great defense - can replace own blocks to surprise opponents
4.) Phoebe - Teleporters good for offense and defense - can be very visible and telegraphed
5.) Selene - Jump good to dodge and bait shots - can jump to get power-ups easily on certain maps
6.) Epi - Hard character to place - very good for tricking opponents
7.) Cronus - Bomb can be good for defense - can trap opponents on certain maps
8.) Proteus - Drone can be used as moving cover - slow and reveal annoying to play against but harder to capitalize on
9.) Aether - Pound hit often a kill - very vulnerable while using ability and very close ranged - map dependant
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