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• 1/10/2017

Top 5 Maps

What are your top five Invisigun Heroes maps and why?
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• 1/10/2017
I will get the ball rolling with my current top five. They are ALL such great maps its really hard to pick. These are the maps I have the most fun playing with my character choice and play style.

* The Walls are Alive
* Ruins
* Tunnel Vision
* Meteor Storm
* Fire Carter

I love the dynamic nature of both Meteor Storm and The Walls are Alive.
I like the many path options that Tunnel Vision and Ruins provide.
Fire Carter also works well as a Zone Control map.
• 1/11/2017
Hmm, kind of hard to narrow it to 5.

* The Classic
* Pacmanesque
* Let it Go
* Snow Country for Cold Men
* X-Claim

Without a doubt Classic is my #1 favorite map, but I as for the rest, they're not in order by any means.
• 1/11/2017
@SirClopsALot - I love 'The Classic' as well, it would be my number 6.
• 1/12/2017
*The Walls are Alive
*The Wine Cellar
*River Cross
*Either "The Classic" or "Edward's Snowed In"

I love these maps because provide lanes you can shoot down from and a lot of thought out cover points.
• 1/12/2017
Thats EXACTLY what I enjoy also @Smithy-san0.
Lanes and Nooks are key to my strategy. The more places to hide the more options I feel I have to mix it up each time. Even though we are invisible the whole time it is still somehow fun to 'hide' somewhere.
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